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Ink Kit box with jars, pens and notecards stacked neatly on top

Make Your Own Herbal Ink



Kindle your creative spark with this do-it-yourself herbal ink kit!

With a few common ingredients, you can follow in the footsteps of your artistic ancestors and make your own ink. Feel even more connected to the art you create, knowing that you had a hand in it from start to finish.

Kit Includes:
- Instruction pamphlet
- Small jar with dried herbs 
- Large jar with steel wool pad
- Compostable coffee filter 
- Two dip pens made from invasive reeds
- Watercolor notecards for testing

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the natural materials that comprise this kit, it will take some time and patience to learn and appreciate the ink's properties. Through practice and experimentation, you will find the way of working with the pen that produces the best results for you. Part of the fun is embracing the ink's personality!