Our mission is to help people reconnect with the Wild and the Creative Spirit.

As a graphic artist, using computers was my livelihood--until I realized that I was in front of a screen for more than 75% of my day. Even with social media and all the apps to promote connections, I had never felt more disconnected from myself and the world.

SO I got outside. I got dirty. I started reading up on how to get back-to-basics with art materials and making my own paints, pens and paper with just what nature had to offer.

It wasn't until I started doing my research that I found that many art supplies were chock-full of petrol-based or noxious chemicals, dangerous pigments and were all wrapped up in non-recyclable plastic. I set out to start making art goods that would bring out the Creative Spirit in people, with materials that weren't going to put an additional burden on the Wild parts of the world.

Today, Wilder Earth's goal is to remove invasive plant material and use it to make art and art supplies, so that native wildlife and plants can flourish, as well as people's spirits.

All of our products are low or no waste, no plastic, non-toxic, handcrafted, sustainable and animal cruelty free, and everything can be reused, recycled or composted. Good for you, and good for the Wild.


Thanks for visiting our website!
We hope you find something that calls to the Wild in you.


Go well,

Britt Garth

Owner & Artist